on the road at montgomery blvd abq nm

on the road at montgomery blvd abq nm
montgomery blvd abq nm

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As scenic as it gets. Rims, rocks & creeks. Nov 15th: Williams to Jerome via Grand Canyon, Cameron and Sedona.

Breathtaking road - from the Grand Canyon South Rim to Cameron

Open road open sky open mind

 Gave it a 100 here (we are talking mph)

It`s not a bike, it`s a selfmade mofa

check out his spurs

Life is a T-shirt

I`ll shoot the guy when he comes back to my sisters place


  1. best shots!!!
    enjoy jerome! - there is a place where you MUST have lunch: haunted hamburger, if i recall the name right!! you will love it!!