on the road at montgomery blvd abq nm

on the road at montgomery blvd abq nm
montgomery blvd abq nm

Friday, November 26, 2010

big thanks to everyone and sorry to a few

Big tks to the Byrd family for letting us stay with them and giving garage shelter to the 911 since last August.
Big hug to Dag for arranging the party, giving us brief intro into the basics of blogging and getting through the hazzle of licencing the car. Also for the patience in collecting all those parcels that came in for us.
Tks to Fiona for letting her room and the goodie bags.
Sorry to Karen for what happened.
Sorry to Andre&family for not being able to meet them.

Tks America and all the nice people we met. Here are just a few of them:
Last but not least tks to Nikon, Canon and Ricoh and to Apple for the Iphone.

 Guy at a yardsale in ABQ: "Yo, Who owns the Taaarga?"

 Dude crossing the road in ABQ. Still not able to figure out what he holds in his left arm.

Two weirdos at Grand Canyon. 

 That guy was fast!

 At a Western store somewhere in Arizona.

 with Jackie from the Ghost City Inn, Jerome, Az.

 Matching Bandanas, shirts, pants and attitude.

 The Skull Valley general store, Skull Valley, Az.

 Quad pilot in Salome, Az.

 Billboard juggler in Hemet, Ca.

 Waiter in San Clemente, Ca.

 That guy claims to sell 200 classic P's a year.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Support your local fuzz

Many tks to the law enforcement for not one single speeding ticket whatsoever.
We might have been a little faster than necessary here and there (in New Mexico, Arizona AND
Los Angeles!) God bless America.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Westwood to Malibu and then to LAX

 North on highway 1.
 Take a left here.

 Airstream "LandYacht".

 What more you need?

 Probably the last breakfast with sunshades for the next 5 months. 
The red thing in the middle is indeed a Seven dollar smoothie.

 "How big's the damage?"

 A little stretching before the long flight.

 The last classic car on the way to LAX worth taking a photo.

 Arriving at the airport feeling a slight farewell blues and then we meet these two:

 Captain is from Oldenburg, Germany living in the US for the past 30 years.

Roadbook, roadtrip, roadmaster

 Buick Roadmaster, early 50's, with DynaFlow automatic transmission, all original & complete, nothing "frickled", goes to Finland for a total restoration